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Medical Transcription

AccuStat has been performing U.S. based transcription since 2000.

AccuStat prides ourselves in standing by our word.
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Transcription Solutions for Hospitals & Medical Clinics

Interfacing and Integration 

AccuStat is partnered with a team of skilled professionals with the experience to support AccuStat's core objective; to improve the efficiency of the documentation process. By combining this experience with advances in technology such as Natural Language Processing "NLP" and discrete data tagging, AccuStat can seamlessly integrate dictated narrative back into the EMR/EHR as structured data to support meaningful use attestation. AccuStat's interface library also supports HL7 interfacing to support many of the common HIS/EHR platforms to include EPIC, Meditech (both client and hosted), Siemens, McKesson, Cerner, HMS, CPSI, & more.

Web Based Document Management 

AccuStat's web based document management platform supports real time access to all aspects of today's healthcare documentation process through a client management portal. AccuStat clients can monitor, listen, and route dictated audio files, have role based access to search for completed reports, automatically distribute completed reports including auto-fax, utilize web-based electronic signature with dual signature functionality and physician edit, or simply have AccuStat interface the completed report back to HIS system repository or client EHR database. Management reporting includes a deep library of customizable reports for turnaround time, quality, billing, e-sign management, auto fax logs, and reconciliation.

Outstanding Quality, TAT & Service is the core of AccuStat 

AccuStat has been providing the highest quality and fastest TAT with exceptional customer service since 2001! We consider these three key characteristics to be the foundation of our company. Having these key foundation pieces perfected allows AccuStat to advance and adapt in other areas to ensure our clients always have the newest and best technology.

Speech Recognition 

AccuStat's speech understanding technology improves production time, reduces per line costs, and improves the quality and consistency of medical reports. The technology captures and comprehends dictation by factoring the way people truly speak, regardless of dialect, accents, speaking styles, dictation habits, grammar, mispronunciation or speaking rate. 

EMR/EHR Optimization

How dictation increases EMR/EHR adoption 

  • Easy transition from traditional dictation
  • Patient centric exam room interactions
  • Capturing a comprehensive assessment of the patient and his/her needs
  • Better utilization of a physician's time
  • Lower cost of EHR utilization

Mobile Solutions

The mobile solution allows physicians to use their iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device to access application functions wherever they have Internet or 3G/4G access. 

BENEFIT: The physician has the patient schedule, dictation and document templates, and patients' transcription history at their fingertips. Documents created on the mobile solution device can be reviewed, edited, electronically signed and integrated directly into an EMR/EHR as a narrative report and/or as a structured document.

The mobile solution gives physicians the tools they need to complete medical records without being tied to a work station.

  • Review appointments
  • Create dictations
  • Upload dictations
  • Review and approve completed transcriptions

Provide physicians with a means to dictate while still utilizing an EHR system

AccuStat offers medical facilities an EHR optimization solution that minimizes operational change and eliminates physician productivity loss.

BENEFIT: Physician productivity is maximized, physician workflow and revenue capacity is retained, and patient encounters are documented comprehensively.

A hybrid approach accomplishes documentation goals without affecting physician performance. 

  • Dictation is the most efficient means of documenting patient encounters
  • Narrative documents can be reviewed quickly
  • Backend speech recognition technology provides an additional quality control line of defense.  The trained eye of the documentation specialist efficiently filters through and corrects commonly seen errors.