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Deposition Transcription can be accomplished through many different mediums; such as, CDs, video, tape recordings and digital download.   Depositions can vary in complexity involving many individuals in a single case or class-action suit or involve sworn statements or EUO's.  These out-of-court testimonies, conducted under oath and subject to the same rules and laws as those given in court, play a vital role in legal matters.  Outsourcing transcription of depositions can save the busy attorney time and money.   Depositions taken in a particular case play a vital role and can determine the entire strategy and outcome of a case in court. 

Verbatim Court Transcription is a unique and highly specialized form of transcription requiring multiple listening skill sets as well as a thorough understanding of the legal process. The nature of court trials, with intense examinations and legal arguments having multiple people speaking over each other, requires experienced transcriptionists at the top of their game.  The importance of verbatim accurate transcription is imperative to all parties involved in the case as well as preserving the record for purposes of appeal.   With the introduction of digital recording systems in many courtrooms, it has greatly simplified the process of obtaining a recording of any court proceeding.  Outsourcing the transcription of that court recording to AccuStat can save time and money to all litigants.  Fees are computed on a per-page rate which can vary depending on the specific type of court proceeding and the turnaround time required by the litigants.

Legal Office Transcription can at times be very time consuming for attorneys and paralegals in preparing for litigation or doing research for a case.  AccuStat can provide transcription services for briefs, motions, appeals, legal agreements, etc.  Very simply provide the templates with the correct formatting and fonts that are unique to your law firm and with the accompanying dictation, we can provide the completed document within any turn-around time required.   Outsourcing your legal transcription will save your secretaries and paralegals from the time-consuming job of typing of lengthy legal documents.  

Another benefit of outsourcing your legal transcription needs to AccuStat's would be to temporarily fill in for a legal secretary or paralegal who may be ill or on vacation.  Our services are provided on an as-needed basis.  Fees will be agreed upon ahead of time and will vary depending on the job to be completed.

Law Enforcement Transcription may include clandestine monitoring of telephonic, mobile, or voice recordings over internet protocol (VOIP) conversations by a third party; also known as lawful interceptions or wiretaps that are authorized by the Wiretap Act.  This enables the government to record telephone and VOIP conversations to gather evidence and information in ongoing investigations.

Law enforcement agencies frequently need transcription services to provide a written transcript of a witness's statement or interview and interrogations of criminal subjects involved in a crime.  With budget cuts in virtually all local law agencies to provide in-house transcription for these important instances where a person's statement will be used for further prosecution purposes, outsourcing to AccuStat Transcription would save time and money.  It would alleviate the financial burden of hiring additional personnel for transcription.  AccuStat Transcription would provide transcription services per an agreed-upon rate; thereby, allowing law agencies access to this very important tool in their investigations and solving crimes.   Our transcriptions are of the highest quality available.   Our team of transcriptionists are experienced and have familiarity with recordings involving ESLs, dialects, accents, slang terms, and street jargon.  Lastly, turnaround times are offered to meet your needs, including same day, 24/48 hours and extended turnaround times.