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AccuStat has been performing U.S. based transcription since 2000.

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Your audio recording is ready to play and your pen or keyboard is about to work some magic. Unfortunately, the transcription process can be painstakingly long, as many marketing researchers, academics, and other professionals may have already experienced. A clearly spoken hour long interview typically takes professional transcribers 5-6 hours to process. Not only does the process of converting an audio recording into a written document take longer for new transcription initiates, it is also more prone to errors. Whatever the type of dictation, having a professional transcription firm assist you can significantly increase your efficiency and save you hours of angst that is better spent on producing the end result – the report or action items!

With the help of a
professional transcription service provider, you can now spend all those hours normally lost transcribing on other more pressing matters. Getting a transcript is easy. Simply provide a transcription service firm with the audio recording of your dictation, which will then be converted in stages into a written document. A team of highly trained transcribers will work towards meeting all of your requirements and will provide you with an accurate interview transcript within the turnaround time you select.

AccuStat provides high-quality transcription services at affordable prices. Our team of expert transcribers takes pride in transcribing your interviews as accurately as possible and will go out of their way to meet your requirements. Whether your recording contains multiple speakers, or requires that speakers be identified or time stamps added, our transcribers can do it all and more! We offer transcription services at low prices and we can return interview transcripts with deadlines as short as 4 hours. 

You can get started by creating a free account on our website in just a few simple steps. Upload the audio recording of your choosing couldn't be easier. We can work with almost any digital audio recording format although .mp3 and .wav are preferred. Through our website you have the option to communicate guidelines, timeframes, and select the rate that best fits your budget.